Imparare Ad Amare

Samantha, Ohio, 17, I only like pizza, Coldplay and Starbucks <333 you know what to do

on the publication of henri lefebvre’s discovered manuscript, "toward an architecture of enjoyment" | artforum (via lazz)

As Lefebvre discusses these precedents, he builds a theory of an embodied jouissance, a force at odds with the shell of postwar capitalist space-time. Yet he makes clear that the ‘negativity’ of architectural imagination is not about locating an exception to capitalism or ‘resisting’ it via architecture. Lefebvre’s parentheses are an attempt to ‘turn the world upside down using theory, the imaginary, and dream, to contribute to its multiform practical transformation.’ What may appear to be a withdrawal from political engagement in fact opens up the possibility of a political practice: After the parentheses are removed, the images and ideas they contained reenter social practice as projects and ‘counter-projects.’ The latter term was Lefebvre’s designation for collective activities or initiatives that, as he put it in The Production of Space, create sites where the ‘primacy of use’ trumps ‘primacy of exchange’ and room is found for an ‘encounter.’ The directive of architecture, Lefebvre suggests, is to create conditions of possibility for such counter-projects via hijacked commissions, co-opted plans—that is, via propositions delivered in spite, or even in contradiction, of what is expected, much like Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment itself.

ti-grace atkinson, possibly while wearing a fur coat, in artforum, 2008 (via karaj)

i have sometimes wondered how an aesthetician like myself could have ended up on the front lines of radical feminism.

oh, kanye  (via karaj)

i’m really into fantasy, as you know…kim is like a fantasy, period. she’s like a dream girl. and i think a dream girl should live in a dream world.
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